Lillian Yancey Huffaker


Lillian Yancey Huffaker (Mrs.) (SSN 568-24-1005)

Born 9 June 1885, Bunker Hill, Ill.

Died 27 July 1974, Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Business executive

Parents: Archelaus Newton (1844) & Lettice Belle (Bryan) Yancey (1847): children, Lola Belle (Yancey) Mayo (1870), James Campbell (1874), Julia (1877), Archelaus (1881), Lillian (1885), Ray Ann (daughter) (1888).

Education: attended Blackburn Univ. 1900-1901; La Salle School

Occupation (1935): Mfr. of own inventions; Pres. and Chief Engr. Time Controlled Indicators Co. Mfrs., (1935); later (1936-c1943) Time Controlled Indicators Inc. (a corp. of Delaware)

Previously: Accountant.

Church: Protestant

Politics: Democrat/Non-Partisan

Hobbies: making dreams concrete, analyzing, travel

Fav. Rec. or sport: tennis, hunting, horseback riding, and hiking.

Author: Straight-Line Maps

Inventor of horological instrument knows as the Ticonometer, applied in many ways to measure business schedules, programs, travel routes, anything measurable by time in hours, minutes, seconds, or fractions.

Home: 815 S. New Hampshire St. (1933-38), 832 ½ Shenandoah St. both in Los Angeles.

Address: Time Controlled Indicators Co. Mfrs., 3871 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, later Time Controlled Indicators, Inc. PO Box 989, Hollywood Station, Los Angeles, Calif.


US Census Information

(S) 1900 Lived on farm with Lola & brother-in-law Walter Mayo at Brushy Mound, Ill.

(S) 1910 Lived with James Yancey & mother Belle at 1313 E 1st St., Long Beach, Calif.

(D) 1930 Lodger at Engstrum Apts, 623 W. 5th St. Los Angeles (built 1911)


Calif. Voter Reg. Information






519 S Flower St bookkeeper



1242 Westlake Ave. bookkeeper



815 S New Hampshire Ave. manufacturer



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. manufacturer



15498 E 14th St. Alameda manufacturer



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. manufacturer



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. manufacturer



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



832 1/2 Shenandoah St. N/A



Lillian Death Info lists last residence, 1974, in Zip 90035 which is the same as for her residence on Shenandoah St. in Los Angeles. So she was at that residence for up to 34 years.


US Patents

1,911,448 “Time Controlled Indicator” 30 May 1933

2,084,443 “Time Controlled Program Selector For Radio Sets” 22 June 1937

2,191,662 “Informative Barrel For Pencils, Pens, Or The Like” 27 Feb. 1940


Family Overview

Lillian Yancey was the fourth of five children of Archelaus. N. Yancey and Lettice Belle (Bryan) Yancey. Her siblings were James C, Lola Belle, Julia, and Ray A (a sister). In the 1880 census, her father (she was not yet born) listed his profession as “attorney at law.” A N Yancey was a representative to the Ill. House for two terms, 1880-82 and 1882-84. Her father was still working as an attorney in Carlinville in 1894 and was deceased by no earlier than June 1897 nor later than April 1898. In 1900 Lillian was living with her sister Lola Yancey Mayo and brother-in-law, Walter Mayo on a farm in Illinois. Lola had two children listed in the 1900 census, Samuel Archeleus Mayo (1897)(named after his grandfathers Sam Mayo and A. N. Yancey) and Walter Henry Mayo (1898). She seems to have had additional children: Martha, Virginia Ray, and Elizabeth but this is not well documented. Lillian attended Blackburn College in 1900-1901. It was noted in the college newspaper, The Burnian, that Lillian gave sleigh rides to students during the holidays.

By 1910, based on US census, Lillian, still single, was living in Long Beach with her brother James, mother Belle, and younger sister Ray. I could not find any 1920 census data but Calif. voter registration for 1924 lists Lillian Yancey Huffaker living at 519 S Flower St. in LA with occupation as bookkeeper. No other Yancey listed. The 1930 US census lists Lillian living at the Engstrum Apts. on 5th street, divorced, occupation bookkeeper. The lack of voter registration, census data, or any other records from 1910 to 1924 suggests that she may have been living outside California if not outside the US during part of that time.

There are no records of her husband, or of a divorce. Also, no records of any children.

Her brother James died due to injuries from an automobile accident in 1936 and her sister Lola died in 1949.

Time Controlled Indicators Inc., Los Angeles was incorporated in Delaware around 1936 with a possible dissolution around 1943.


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