Master Clock Gallery

Individual pictures of Master Clocks from various manufacturers. Click on picture to enlarge.

Blodgett Master clock #216 Blodgett Master clock #349  E. Howard Master clockE. Howard master clock  Holtzer Cabot Master clock with program machine Holtzer Cabot Master clock  International Master clock with program 1931 ITR Master Poland Paper Company Model C ITR Master clock weight driven Model D   International Grandfather master Style 272 Jan 1927IBM Radio Master clock model #37Landis Master_090519_5-Cincinnatti Master clock with early movementLandis Master Clock  Pacific Electric San Francisco Master clock Pacific Electric San Francisco master late casePacific Electric Berkeley Master clockStd El of CA Master clockStd El Master #20 Std El Master #40 Circa 1915Std El Master #30  Std El Master clock 1927Std El Flush Master clock  Std El Weight driven Master clock  SWCC Canadian Pacific Master clock circa 1915 SWCC Master clock Model 9A circa 1900SWCC Master clock  Model 9 Circa 1915 SWCC Military Master Model 61 Jan 1960Stromberg Master 8-3-04 010--  Stromberg Master clock late pendulum  Seth Thomas 60 beat Master clock

72 Beat Master Clocks

ITR 72 beat Master clock Model B Std El Master 72 beat

80 Beat Master Clocks

SWCC #18 80 beat Master clockO B McClintock Master clock Std El 80 beat Master clock ITR 80 beat Master cb ITR 80 beat Master clock model A

120 Beat Master Clocks

ITR 120 beat Master clock ITR 120 beat Master clock model Std El 120 beat Master clock Stromberg 120 beat Master clock

Synchronous motor driven Master Clocks

Std El  AR-2 Master clock Std El Synchronous motor Master clock IBM Metal master

2 thoughts on “Master Clock Gallery”

  1. I love the Standard Electric Time Co. Smaller clock pictured in the center, always wanted one but too rare, 72 beat master model B is what I could only Dream of, Incase you sell, Im here.

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